[2nd Round]Refill IoTeX Pools with Anonymity/Liquidity Reward


Cyclone is the leading #PriFi protocol that offers cross-chain + zkSNARKs-based privacy, with yield enhancement, governed by the decentralized DAO. Cyclone has been successfully launched on IoTeX, BSC, Ethereum and Polygon.


The proposal suggests refilling the following pools that are about to finish their second 90 days of the mission, yet still very active in terms of TVL. Once passed, additional CYC will be minted and injected into these pools on 11/9 12:00AM UTC to support them operate for another 90 days with the proposed amount of anonymity/liquidity reward.

IoTeX - Pool Biscuit

Asset: 50,000 IOTX

Life Cycle: 90 days

Anonymity Mining v2: 0.2 CYC per day

IoTeX - Pool Snickerdoodle

Asset: 500,000 IOTX

Life Cycle: 90 days

Anonymity Mining v2: 1 CYC per day

IoTeX - Pool Gingersnaps

Asset: 2,000,000 VITA

Life Cycle: 90 days

Anonymity Mining v2: 0.05 CYC per day

CYC-IOTX Liquidity Pool


Life Cycle: 90 days

Liquidity Mining: 20 CYC per day

The Vote

This proposal needs to be approved via a vote by the community before execution.


Please discuss this proposal in this forum thread.

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