Growing the Community


I have been watching other privacy projects launch and I have been surprised about how could they suceed when Cyclone already exists in BSC and has relayers in place

Many, if not all, new tornado forks claim to be the first and best on BSC, even if they have been later than Cyclone or don’t have tokenomics or relayers yet

The project is solid, and goes literally 1-2 quarters ahead of the rest, none is still close to reach a second blockchain launch nor the rest of features

I have been studying a list of forks and I can’t see any but Cyclone triumphing. Maybe you can make a x10 or x30 on another when it launches, but Cyclone is set to be the best, so none will offer a better long term solution

That’s why I was wondering how could we push the community into acknowledging Cyclone, because, honestly, others have achieved a better community start or impact on social media

My question is: how can we, the community, help to spread or create an even bigger movement?

Thank you very much for your recognition and support of Cyclone! If you are well versed in technology or industry, we sincerely hope that you, or the community, can share your views, answer questions for others, and increase visibility for Cyclone in our TG, community, or in your blog. I believe the project is getting better and better with your help!