Lauch Cyclone Protocol on FTM(fantom) Mainnet

Will cyclone support Fantom in the future? As you all know that, FTM is growing very fast for it is the biggest subsititute for ethereum right now. With lowest gas fee and fastest transaction speed of all. And what is more important is that , unlike bsc, it is much more decentralized . And many big holders of cyc around us are all FTM strong supporters too. So i make a proposal here, i just want to use DAO tool to you all to join to discuss or to vote for this. Will you join me? Let’s rock!


I support this proposal. I hope the project side can consider it. This user speaks very well.

Very good proposal. I think cyclone should cooperate with the well-known defi agreement to bring cyclone into the mainstream view.

At present, it makes no sense to look at FTM, there is not much demand.

i support this proposal

i support this proposal

i support this proposal

Although I agree that Fantom is a great place to launch I think that maybe it would be better if it was done after Polkadot

My perspective is that if we launch in a blockchain the next one will have to wait some months, so the best options have to be prioritized

Currently DOT is the 8th top blockchain, while FTM is the 73th, so the impact and utility can be greater. Precisely for that other privacy projects are looking to launch on DOT, so if Cyclone gets there first it will have the first hand advantage. If the DOT launch is done on late Q3 that advantage will be lost and will be harder to compete

The transaction costs are low on FTM and DOT, the question is which one will have more impact. If someone can illustrate this, please do it. In other case I would suggest a vote between DOT and FTM or just maintaining the current roadmap


yes, i fully understand what you said. I know dot ,or even avax have more common sense and more followers, to some extent. But ,in crypto currency world, anything is possile. One month or two later, you will understand why i am picking up FTM.
And you can see some data as below:

The team is looking into this I believe.

Does Fantom has a bridge between Ethereum where CYC go be added to? @yelin