Proposal Call: CYC Listing on MCN Multi Reward Farm (


Cyclone has been in space for quite a while and being the first cross-chain privacy layer for DeFI. However, we encounter the user expansion and platform usage dilemma. These can be found from the platform statistics which you see the last MATIC/USDC/ETH deposit was few weeks ago on Polygon and ETH mainnet.

While we can see from the competitor, tornado cash, they are quite active to have users interacting with the platform frequently. And right now, the tornado is not longer locating on ETH mainnet and quickly expanded to Polygon and BSC as well.

In order to solve user expansion and platform usage, we must diagnose the reasons and seek solutions. IMHO, I am thinking of a few reasons for this

1/ Lack of Project exposure,

2/ Less CYC token demand and utility,

3/ Lack of Cross-protocol partnership.


Hereby, to possibly solve the project exposure, CYC token demand and cross-protocol partnership, I propose to list CYC on MCN Multi Rewards Farm to solve the user expansion and platform usage dilemma.

What is MCN - ?

MCN Ventures is more than just a venture capital. Since its inception, MCN has invited more decentralized partners into the venture and successfully incubated its first project. Now, the real value-building can begin. MCN Ventures will soon become host to a complete cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

Read their July update here: MCN Ventures: July 2021 Update. Vision | by MCN Ventures | Jul, 2021 | Medium

So Why MCN Multi Reward Farm?

There are few benefits behind the project list of CYC on ETH mainnet.

  1. Significant APY boost
  2. Token buy pressure and price appreciation
  3. 1:1 Reward Matching for MCN Multiple Reward Farm
  4. Exclusive listing on
  5. Marketing support from MCN key opinion leaders

How does MCN Multi Reward Farm help Cyclone?

  1. Getting listed on MCN farm will get Cyclone name out to MCN crypto KoL network which increases more awareness for Cyclone. Let’s imagine a multi rewards farm as an advertisement spot for a new project listing, when users from xDollar community comes by, they will notice a new project over there. Another marketing channel is get exclusive listing on under the MCN tab. Right now cyclone is listed with many other projects which can get lost easily. Hence that increases project exposure to new potential users of Cyclone.

  1. With CYC can stake on MCN, CYC holders can find a new place to farm using $CYC. The initial high APR yield will encourage more buying pressure than selling pressure from all liquidity mining programs. Other than that, more CYC tokens are stacked on farms to get more CYC and MCN. And then users can stake MCN tokens to earn more other project tokens like MCN, XDO, USDC and many new listed projects. Adding a yield farming utility to CYC token is a plus in addition to Cyclone protocol fee and DAO governance.

  2. Another overlooked benefit of MCN farm listing is to provide a multi-chain dapp network for any project on the farm to reach out for potential cross-protocol partnership. With MCN carefully reviewing, selecting and picking their incubations and investments, these projects are at least guaranteed to stay in the field for a long term which greatly reduces the time required to build trust among partners. I see Cyclone has great potential with other DeFI since it’s their mission to provide privacy layer for all DeFI protocol.

How to get CYC listed on the MCN Multi Rewards Farm on ETH Mainnet

  1. Vote for this proposal call to proposal on CYC snapshot - Snapshot

  2. Propose on MCN snapshot to get CYC listed on MCN Multi Rewards Farm - follow guide here to propose - MCN Farm Listing Guide. Any project can now submit their… | by MCN Ventures | Aug, 2021 | Medium

  3. Make connection with MCN team to discuss further on farm deployment and reward details

  4. CYC single pool staking launched on ETH Mainnet to earn MCN and CYC.

  5. CYC token is added to MCN single pool stacking together with MCN, XDO, USDC and other to-be-listed project

  6. CYC pool get exclusive listing on under MCN tab -

Last but not least, I am a big fan of CYC, XDO and MCN. I always believe partnership is critical to make DeFI accessible for all. The more partners come together, the stronger the force is. So I urge the other CYC holders to stand in line with me and make it happen for a DAO proposal. Again welcome feedback and discussion to the proposal.


I agree with this proposal. The purpose of cyc is too small, and I hope it can solve some problems of digging and selling.

The proposal is very good :+1:, but I have some questions about MCN. After research, their holders are only 55, and the number of transactions is only more than 1,000… So if cooperate with MCN, will Cyclone get the same benefits as you said? :thinking: