[Proposal]Extend All Anonymity Pools Life Cycle to 120 Days and Refill Polygon Pools with Anonymity/Liquidity Reward


Cyclone is the leading #PriFi protocol that offers cross-chain + zkSNARKs-based privacy, with yield enhancement, governed by the decentralized DAO. Cyclone has been successfully launched on IoTeX, BSC, Ethereum and Polygon.

With the vigorous development of IoTeX, the projects on the IoTeX chain are showing an explosive growth trend. Cyclone has achieved partnerships with many projects on IoTeX, ZoomSwap, Blade, etc. In the next phase, Cyclone will focus on cooperating with high-quality projects on IoTeX and Binance Smart Chain to create a more valuable DeFi ecosystem.

During this proposal period, Cyclone’s anonymity/liquidity reward on Polygon Pools is about to expire, we made some proposals as follows:


Part 1

Extend the life cycle of all anonymity pools from 90 days to 120 days. Once the proposal is passed, it will be implemented after the current round of IoTeX, BSC, Ethereum and Polygon Anonymity/Liquidity Pools expire.

Part 2

The proposal suggests to reduce the Polygon Liquidity Pool reward after expiration, and will use these funds to promote cooperation with high-quality projects on IoTeX & BSC. At the same time,we will refill the rewards of Polygon pools with anonymity/liquidity rewards which will expire soon. Details as follows:

Polygon - Pool Pentagon

Asset: 1,000 MATIC

Life Cycle: 120 days

Anonymity Mining v2: 0.06 CYC per day

Polygon - Pool Hexagon

Asset: 1,000 USDC

Life Cycle: 120 days

Anonymity Mining v2: 0.03 CYC per day

Polygon - Pool Octagon

Asset: 2 QUICK

Life Cycle: 120 days

Anonymity Mining v2: 0.03 CYC per day

CYC-MATIC Liquidity Pool


Life Cycle: 120 days

Liquidity Mining: 5 CYC per day (reduced from 20 CYC per day)

Once the proposal passed, additional CYC will be minted and injected into these pools on 1/22 5:00 AM to support them operate for another 120 days with the proposed amount of anonymity/liquidity reward.

The Vote

This proposal needs to be approved via a vote by the community before execution.


Please discuss this proposal in this forum thread.