[Proposal] Permanently Cap Total Supply of CYC to 50,000


Cyclone is the leading #PriFi protocol that offers cross-chain + zkSNARKs-based privacy, with yield enhancement, governed by the decentralized DAO. Cyclone Protocol is fueled by the CYC token, designed to incentivize anonymity providers, liquidity providers, and users. CYC is NOT pre-mined or pre-allocated to the team/investors, but fair launched to the community.


This proposal caps the total supply of CYC to 50,000 permanently, across all blockchains. CYC tokens are produced through liquidity mining and anonymity mining, until total supply is reached.

The Vote

This proposal needs to be approved via a vote by the community before execution.

Starting from BSC block height 5980100, CYC holders can vote on snapshot.


The discussion of this proposal is here - [Proposal] Permanently Cap Total Supply of CYC to 50,000


why is the vote pending ?

The vote will open in about 2 hours at block height: Binance Block Countdown

When do we vote the Total Supply of CYC?

Now. Voting is live. You can go to Telegram Cyclone Protocol or cyclone group

hello, please explain in simple language, how can I get CYC

How do we plan to incentivize anonymity pools and farming after the max cap is reached?
I don’t think they will become sustainable on their own by then.

The voting for this proposal has ended!

Proposal: Permanently Cap Total Supply of CYC to 50,000!

99.99% voted for Yes
Total voters: 164
Total votes: 257.64 CYC

Link to results:

Rewarded when you provide either anonymity or liquidity pool.

for details: Token Economics - Cyclone Protocol