Show LP price and IL


Since the beginning of the protocol many people have been asking about the LP price and it would be a great feature to add. Nowadays the easy ways are:

A) Provide new liquidity and see how many LPs you got from your $

B) Check your transactions

However, A is expensive and a headache in Ethereum because of the fees, and B is difficult if you have many transactions or it was many months ago

About the IL, it has been proposed by an user in the Telegram chat and it could be helpful, however I don’t know if it is difficult in case one has more than just one stake. It would be weird calculating the IL of different liquidities as it would be an average IL

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This proposal is essential for the development of Cyclone.
Cyclone have to go ahead of other protocols.

@Alvaro - why LP price matters here?

Because users forget how much money they invested and they can only see their LP amount

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If we are planning the future of cyclones,

And if we look at the development of the cyclone responsibly,

This proposal is a service to consumers who use Cyclone and will increase their trust in Cyclone.

The cyclone must be extended.

For that, it is worth spending our time here.